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ALRC Statements 2010
  • [Joint Open Letter] SUDAN: NGOs call for renewal of the mandate of UN Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Sudan
  • [Joint Open Letter] UN: Letter to UNESCO - Cancel UNESCO-Obiang Prize
  • INDIA: Is Justice Balakrishnan holding a devil's brief?
  • INDIA: Ignorance and pretence underscored in the new law
  • INDIA: AFSPA promotes armed insurgency in Manipur
  • INDIA: Conscientious review required on the draft law against torture
  • [ALRC Publication] BANGLADESH: Politics -- Corruption Nexus in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study of the Impacts on Judicial Governance
  • [ALRC Joint Statement] CAMBODIA: Comments on the Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review of Cambodia
  • ASIA: Human rights situations in Sri Lanka and the Philippines require action by the Council
  • MYANMAR: Addressing torture, corruption and justice delivery must be a priority for the UN
  • ASIA: Special Procedures' recommendations on country situations being ignored by the Human Rights Council
  • [ALRC Announcement] Invitation to a side event on forced disappearances, Room XVII, 3 - 5 pm, Wednesday March 17, 2010
  • ASIA: Freedom of expression and human rights defenders in Asian countries raised at the UN Human Rights Council
  • ASIA: Council failing to cooperate and implement Special Rapporteur on Torture's recommendations
  • ASIA: Discrimination and lack of action by states contributing to ongoing widespread malnourishment and starvation
  • PHILIPPINES: Council urged to ensure that justice is delivered concerning the Maguindanao Massacre
  • PAKISTAN: Council urged to take action concerning numerous, widespread abuses
  • MYANMAR/BURMA: Torture of detainees in Myanmar
  • MYANMAR/BURMA: Effects of endemic corruption in Myanmar's courts on rights of citizens
  • INDIA: Threats to human rights defenders undermine democracy
  • ASIA: Council urged to act to protect rights by protecting human rights defenders
  • ASIA: Council failing to address situations of widespread forced disappearances
  • ASIA: Council's complete inaction concerning torture mandate's recommendations denounced
  • BANGLADESH: Council urged to ensure Bangladesh passes pending Bill criminalizing torture
  • ASIA: Enjoyment of the right to food requires a shift from short-term and discriminatory practices
  • ASIA: Council urged to do more to prevent arbitrary detention, the gateway to other grave abuses
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